April 2010 Entries

Best of Times, Worst of Times

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. It is an age of reason, it is an age of nonsense. It is an age of options. It is an age requiring scientific decisions. It is an age that begs for science education. Most of us are living the good life. There is no doubt that we are living longer and in greater comfort than ever before, but at a price. We fly through the air with ease, but that air is becoming polluted. [To read more click on Title.]

Dark Chocolate for Liver Disease Patients

The French are always worried about their liver. Maybe it’s because of all the red wine they drink. But they also love their “petit pain au chocolat” for breakfast. That’s puff pastry with a delicious piece of dark chocolate in the middle. If we are to go by a recent study presented at the International Liver Congress, that piece of chocolate may actually reduce the liver concerns.

Recycling Plastics

Recycling is easy to advocate, it is harder to do. In theory, paper, plastics, glass and metals can all be recycled but in practice, well that’s a different story. Aluminum, for example, is readily recycled. The metal can be melted down and used to make aluminum’s properties being affected. But such is not the case for plastics. Take, for example, polyethylene terephthalate, the plastic used to make those ubiquitous water and soft drink bottles.

Green Carpet Tiles

Would you like to have green carpet tiles in your home or office? No, they don’t have to be green color. They can be any color you want. I’m talking about being environmentally green. When people think about being green, they think about recycling their water bottles, or about composting their kitchen waste or about reusable shopping bags. These are admirable endeavours but their impact is small when compared with the steps industry can take towards a greener future.