July 2010 Entries

Whitening Teeth

Everyone wants pearly whites. And carbamide peroxide can deliver the goods. You’ll find it in most tooth-whitening products for the simple reason that it can deliver hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, to the tooth surface. Hydrogen peroxide itself is a liquid and difficult to apply to teeth, but when it’s mixed with urea it forms a gel of carbamide peroxide that can easily be painted on teeth...[To read more click on Title.]

Skunky Beer

The scent of 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol can be most disturbing. Unless you’re a skunk. In that case it’s a welcome commodity because it effectively wards off predators. But you certainly don’t want it in your beer. How does it get in there? Skunks aren’t to blame, light is! It may be hard to believe that light can alter the flavor of beer, but it most assuredly can. [To read more click on Title.]

Swimming in Stearyl Alcohol

Nobody likes to swim in cold water but heating a pool is expensive. Solar blankets can help, but it’s a pain to drag them on and off. But how about a liquid pool cover? Believe it or not, that‘s a possibility! Just throw a plastic dispenser of stearyl alcohol into the water, usually in the shape of a fish, and you can cut down on heat loss. The stearyl alcohol, released at a controlled rate by a microprocessor in the dispenser, rises to the surface... [To read more click on Title.]