October 2010 Entries

Hygiene and Cancer

We’ve grown up with the idea that dirt is bad. If you drop food on the floor, don’t dare to pick it up and eat it. Sanitize your kitchen and bathroom with “germ killers.” Filter your water. Purify your air. Sterilize your babies’ bottles. Well, maybe all that attention to fastidious cleanliness isn’t serving us so well. Maybe our immune system needs the exercise of dealing with microbes. Enter the “hygiene hypothesis.” [To read more click on Title.]

Crocs, Sharks and Quacks

You’ve got to give it to the quacks. They can take a bland morsel and cook up an appetizing meal. They can also cook up a great story to go along with it. The more esoteric the morsel, the more exotic the final menu. And you sure don’t get much more esoteric than crocodile blood. Well, not exactly crocodile blood, but a substance said to be found in it. That supposedly was the secret behind a product unabashedly named “The Antidote.” Antidote to what?[To read more click on Title.]