July 2011 Entries

Paradoxe blanc - Mon dieu!

If you take a look at all the literature put out by the French wine industry, you'll start to wonder whether you should replace wine drinking by intravenous infusions of red wine. They make a case for wine being virtually a drug to prevent heart disease. They offer reams of scientific evidence about neutralizing free radicals and preventing cholesterol from damaging the walls of arteries. Of course, that doesn't prove that wine is responsible [To read more click on Title.]

Homeopathic Delusion

Health Canada by and large does an excellent job. But it slips up when it comes to regulating “Natural Health Products,” especially when it comes to homeopathic preparations. By law, in order for these to be marketed they have to be granted an identification number known as the DIN-HM which is supposed to mean that a safety and efficacy review has been conducted and a specific recommendation for use has been formally approved for the label. [To read more click on Title.]