January 2012 Entries

Chaga-The Not-So-Magical Mushroom

If you wanted to find some “Chaga” mushroom you would tromp through a forest looking for a birch tree with an unusual growth on its trunk. Although it is classified as a mushroom, Chaga doesn’t look like one. Instead of having gills, this mushroom is permeated with numerous pores. Under pressure it crumbles readily, revealing a brownish inside with cream coloured veins. Why would anyone seek out this ugly parasite [To read more click on Title]

Parabens and Breast Cancer

Sometimes researchers remain stubbornly wedded to their ideas even when their own work begins to unravel the fabric they have woven. I believe such is the case with Dr. Phillipa Darbre of the University of Reading in England. Back in 2004 Darbre achieved tabloid fame with her allegation that antiperspirants were implicated in breast cancer because they accosted breast tissue with preservatives known as parabens. These compounds have estrogenic properties [To read more click on Title.]