June 2012 Entries

Vitamin D and Calcium Conundrum

Vitamin D and calcium are unquestionably related. The vitamin is required for the absorption of calcium from the digestive tract. But they are related in another way as well. There is great confusion about whether to take supplements of either,and if so, how much. Calcium is the one of greater concern because of a possible link between supplements and heart attacks. With vitamin D, risks are minimal, it is more a question of whether supplements are needed. [To read more click on Title.]

Answer to a Homeopath's Criticism

Recently I was treated to a rambling, disjointed letter from Mme Ginette Beaulieu, President of the “Syndicat professionnel des homeopathes du Quebec” in response to my series of columns on homeopathy in the Montreal Gazette. I will ascribe the undignified and slanderous nature of the letter to the writer’s lack of familiarity with academic and professional demeanor and will overlook the crude attempt at personal defamation. [To read more click on Title.]

Homeopathy - Delusion through Dilution

Homeopathic products. They are safe enough, no doubt about that. Millions of people around the world swear by them. No doubt about that either. Furthermore, their label features the term “DIN-HM,” designating approval by Health Canada. So why then do I and my colleagues at the McGill Office for Science and Society support a class action lawsuit launched against Boiron Laboratories and Shoppers Drug Mart for marketing Oscillococcinum, a homeopathic medication [To read more click on Title.]