Endocrine Disruptors Everywhere

“Does not contain” has become a prime advertising slogan. “No cholesterol.” “No saturated fat.” “No sugar.” “No salt.” “No nitrites.” “No MSG.” “No GMOs.” And the ultimately absurd, “no chemicals.” Within the last few years another “no” has joined the alliance. “No BPA.” Most people would be hard pressed to identify what the letters stand for [To read more click on Title.]

Cranberries and Urinary Tract Infections

Mention cranberry juice and “urinary tract infection” springs to mind. Most women and many men are familiar with the frequent urination and accompanying burning sensation that signals a bacterial invasion of the urinary tract. Today antibiotics solve the problem, but what did people do before? “Flushing the system” seemed a logical approach. All sorts of beverages were tried, but by the mid-1800s books on folkloric medicine were suggesting the use of cranberry juice[To read more click on Title.]

Paradoxe blanc - Mon dieu!

If you take a look at all the literature put out by the French wine industry, you'll start to wonder whether you should replace wine drinking by intravenous infusions of red wine. They make a case for wine being virtually a drug to prevent heart disease. They offer reams of scientific evidence about neutralizing free radicals and preventing cholesterol from damaging the walls of arteries. Of course, that doesn't prove that wine is responsible [To read more click on Title.]

Yikes! There Are Hormones in My Bottled Water!

For scientists and physicians, the Internet has been both a blessing and a curse. Journal articles are at our fingertips and information about virtually any subject is just a few keystrokes away. But not all of the available information is reliable. A frightening amount of pseudo-scientific drivel permeates the web and spreads like wildfire when attached to emails. Either we are warned about some nasty chemical that is unraveling the very fabric of society, or [To read more click on Title.]